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Joho Sez: Could Be a World Browser

By - October 29, 2004

Interesting speculation from David Weinberger on what Keyhole might mean if mixmashed with the Google Browser rumors.

It would not be a Web browser. It’d be a world browser. It would find pages on the Web, of course, but it’d also find the ones on my desktop (Google desktop). It would know about my email (Gmail). It would know that my own photos are categorically different from all the other jpgs on the planet (Picasa). It would let me browse the physical earth (Keyhole) and show on a map the documents that talk about any particular place (Keyhole + Google Local).

And it wouldn’t be just a browser. It would let me work with the information I’ve found: Manage my photos (Picasa), manage my desktop files, translate documents (Google Languages), shop…

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