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Google's IM Client

By - October 15, 2004

header-helloYeah, they’ve got one, got it when the bought Picasa. InsideGoogle has the details. (Good review of Picasa too).

Picasa and Google’s little secret, and it sure as hell shouldn’t be. Picasa is a way of storing and indexing your photos. Hello is about interacting. Hello was created as a way to share those photos Picasa spent so much time indexing, but it does so much more. Do you want an instant messenger from Google? Well, Hello is an instant messenger, complete with buddy lists and bots and smilies and sounds. The difference is that Hello is optimized for sending photos. It can automatically resize a photo so it sends properly. You can jump back and forth from Hello to Picasa to send your photos and share your albums. But most strikingly to most of my readers, it is an instant messenger in a Google product, and its a good bet that as Google integrates Picasa better with the rest of its services, Hello will be its chat client, with full feature support for Gmail and Google Desktop. And if you are worried about security, Google claims it’s more secure than AOL Instant Messenger.

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4 thoughts on “Google's IM Client

  1. Vena McGrath says:

    I’ve tried Picasa and Hello only because it appears the only way I can post pics on my blogger is to download the programs. I decided to do some scanning one day recently and found that my scanner program had been taken over by Picasa, as Picasa appeared on my screen when I used the scanner, with an option to then use my scanner program, through Picasa. Problem – the scanner program no longer worked as it had done and pics could only be saved in some strange format that was data. There no longer existed the option for jpg. After becoming totally frustrated in attempting to save scanned pics, and before taking an axe to my computer, I trashed Picasa and Hello. But, each time I open up a file now, I find Picasa lurking in there. I’ve found it on discs that I have burned, in the files I burned. So I’m not amused by Picasa and Hello. I see it as another invasive program that doesn’t just do what it’s portrayed as doing, it takes over everything it can take over. This to me is another form of ‘big brother’ in my life and as such, it went where it deserved to go, to the trash bin. And as I find the pieces lurking all over my computer, they will be trashed too. Uninstalling the programs did not clean my computer of Picasa, something else I don’t like. If I choose not to keep a program that I have downloaded, then that is my choice and I should be able to remove all traces of that program from my computer. So sorry, but I don’t agree with your comments re the value of the two programs.

  2. John, if you want to be relevant, watch those typos in your writing. Thanks,

  3. chris kirby says:

    Cynthia, why don’t you take your own advice about watching typos?



  4. Brad says:

    that happened cuz u have windows
    screw windows and get linux