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Always Read Markoff Closely

By - October 18, 2004

…as he always has a scoop somewhere in any story he does on Google. This time, it’s at the end, where (after he quotes some guy who runs a blog – really, a “Cambrian explosion“!?) he quotes a source:

“If you drive by the Google buildings in the evening,” said a person who has detailed knowledge of the company’s business, “the lights that are still on are the ones on the floor where they are working on the browser.”

So maybe there’s life yet in the Google browser rumors, despite protestations from very senior folks at Google (sources of mine and others) who claim Google is not interested in fighting that particular battle.

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2 thoughts on “Always Read Markoff Closely

  1. AJ says:

    Maybe they are working on Google IM?


  2. bish says:

    I only wish.

    Then, if we’re really good, we can have the Google Centralized Calendar system with xmlrpc remote source registration and coordination.

    Also the google centralized Liberty Login. That’d be Teh Rock.