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Yahoo to Debut FareChase Implementation

By - September 07, 2004

farechaseWell that didn’t take long! Not a month after I (sort of) broke the story that Yahoo bought travel search engine FareChase, its going live with a first iternation of

Mind you, this will not be live until tonight, and is a “prototype,” so Yahoo wants you all to break it for them, then tell them what you broke, thank you very much.

From the note from Yahoo’s PR folk: “The prototype will enable Yahoo! to conduct research to determine the best way to deliver a more comprehensive and relevant online travel search user experience. During the test phase, users can provide the critical feedback necessary for developing an effective travel search engine.”

Unfortunately, I can’t test this, as it’s limited (for now) to Windows systems.

Now, once again, with gusto: what do you think the state of play is between Yahoo and their current travel partner, Travelocity? Rather like Yahoo and Google before Yahoo brought search inhouse?

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One thought on “Yahoo to Debut FareChase Implementation

  1. Justin Rudd says:

    Actually I don’t saying Windows only is 100% correct. I use Windows on a daily basis (please don’t hurt me!), but I can’t access fairchase either because I don’t use IE. And I don’t even have IE on my machine anymore thanks to this article –