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The China Firewall: Banned Keywords

By - September 01, 2004

greatwallAn update from the WSJ (paid sub) on the Great Chinese Firewall, quoting the China Internet project I played a small role in starting at Berkeley. The piece includes a list of keywords that are banned in China, a list that was first published by the China Digital News blog we launched last year.

It’s interesting to note how critical search is to the process of censorship in China and other countries. From the WSJ article:

The research project by the three universities, known as the OpenNet
Initiative, routed requests through computers in China to Google, Yahoo
and Chinese search engines, in which Google Inc. is an
investor, and, which is owned by Yahoo Inc. Searches with
sensitive terms like “Falun,” for the Falun Gong spiritual movement that
is banned in China, or “Free Tibet” were routinely cut off, without
sending back an error message, the report says.

The result, the foreign researchers say, is that the Internet in China
is very different from the relatively unfettered medium enjoyed in the
West, with implications for the creation of a seamless world- wide Web
of communications.
Mr. Zittrain says Saudi Arabia, for example, vigorously polices the
Internet in that nation, but unlike China, Saudi authorities make public
their general criteria for banning Web sites.

The banned list includes:
— Democracy
— Christian
— Falun Gong
— Hu Jintao
— Human rights
— Multiparty
— Oppose corruption
— Underground church
— Overthrow
— Prostitution
— Riot
— Sex
— Taiwan independence
— Tiananmen
— Traitor

Update:Wow – CDN got Slashdotted….

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Paul Ford Strikes Again: The Banality of Google

By -

FutureGoogle_423x385One of my favorite pieces on the future of the web is Paul Ford’s “August 2009: How Google beat Amazon and Ebay to the Semantic Web.” (You haven’t read it? Go read it! Now!)

He’s at it again: Ford’s just posted a new riff entittled The Banality of Google. Clearly, Ford is a teeny weeny bit sick of all the Google talk. From the piece:

Of course, you don’t arrive at a morally profound motto like “don’t be evil” without some serious thought. Here are some of the mottoes that Google tried out and rejected:
• Google! Dance with the devil, but go home before it gets serious.
• Google! We won’t commit genocide in most circumstances.
• Google! Don’t eat no babies.
• Google! We could do good, but we’re like, whoa.
• Google! Begone, demon!

A fun mid morning break from whatever serious sh*t you’re dealing with today….