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IPO Tick Tock

By - September 03, 2004

For the book, I’ve been reporting the Google IPO story for what feels like years, so I expected there to be some tick tocks (journalist jargon for minute by minute accounts of an event) once the thing finally occured. Here’s the first (at least that I’ve seen), from CBSMW via IBD. Nothing that surprising in here, lot of whinging from bankers, early investors, and a few tasty morsels from the folks at Playboy, who claim Google did not try to get them to pull the article. But if you’re a GOOG junkie…

UPDATE: Apparently the link was changed and now does not work, CBSMW has it here.

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2 thoughts on “IPO Tick Tock

  1. KJ says:

    Link goes to: “The article you requested is no longer available.”