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Google Stats

By - September 29, 2004

Getting hard numbers on Google is always, well, hard. Andy has a few in this post, summarizing a Google manager’s presentation at a recent conference:

28% of Google searches are for a “product name”, 9% are for a “brand name” and 5% are searches for a “company name”.

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6 thoughts on “Google Stats

  1. Anyone care to explain how Google will/does make money on Froogle? I’m at a loss.

  2. I see ads next to Froogle search results. Is that not enough?

  3. They seem to be in some kind of deliberate holding pattern with Froogle. Maybe they’ve looked at the business model for Shopping Search and see some sort of handwriting on the wall they don’t like. Or are hot and heavy in some kind of negotiations with a major e-commerce company or shopping search bot or both.

    Anyway, they do seem a little Microsoft-like lately don’t they? Is Froogle mostly vapor?

    There is something about the notion of the “shopping bot” that doesn’t sit quite comfortably with me. I’m not sure what it is. But if you look at the way that Amazon, Yahoo Shopping, MSN Shopping,, and Froogle all treat a search for, say, a “clif bar,” it makes one less excited about the concept of Froogle as it currently stands. Basically, a lot of companies are working on this stuff. But where is it headed? They’re all leaving us guessing… Froogle’s quite unsatisfying and rather laissez-faire … no vendor ratings, no user reviews…

    Looking at Froogle: total laissez-faire on the community / feedback front

    Looking at Bizrate: yikes, lotta chatter and frequent nitpicking comments about shipping issues and the like — not too great for business when it’s mostly minor stuff…

    Alternative… merchants either are or are not “endorsed” by the e-commerce clearinghouse, but there is a little less chatter encouraged and the shopping experience is more uniform… advantage Amazon???

  4. ben says:

    How can that sometimes a site apear at google after 12 hours? and the other after 3 month when google searches the pages???

  5. tom says:

    Go to my site if you really want to know