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Google Starts Pushing Picasa

By - September 07, 2004

picasaadNoticed that Google is pushing Picasa in advertisements at the bottom of all image searches. Seems like a rather tentative approach, IMHO. Clearly he who gets metadata attached to photos first, wins. Stewart, what do you think of all this?

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8 thoughts on “Google Starts Pushing Picasa

  1. ID:entity says:

    This is going to be an interesting space due to the fact that the camera, or should I say portable media / communication device makers are automatically adding meta data to photo’s (e.g. location based ….taken @ 14.34 on South Malibu beach, 2004 vacation, etc, etc)

    In fact some has produced a commerical product and I just can’t remember the name….anyone help?

    So who will be getting the metadata attched to the photo….seems to me like Google et al are currently at the back of the queue.

    Talking about location…here was some research done about a year ago on this specific subject in UC Berkeley John…

  2. One thing Google did right is acquire the best in the business. My father got me into using Picasa. He’s not quite a techie, and he swears by it, saying it’s the most usable software out there.

    Picasa also has a little search feature built in where you can tag images with keywords (e.g., “dad,” “dog,” “las vegas”) and then search based on your pre-assigned choices. I’d imagine within Picasa (and then outside of it), that will get blown up a heck of a lot more.

  3. Scott Niven says:

    Hi John,

    I agree with you that this seems tentative. One idea that I tossed about recently in my blog is the idea that Google or Flickr should take a cue from “The ESP Game.” This clever idea turns the idea of metatagging into a game, and allows for mass metatagging of images with keywords agreed upon by consensus by the players. True, it wouldn’t help if you wanted “John Battelle House” as your photo’s metatags, but it would help identify the photo with more generic terms such as “House Ranch Blue.”

    Relevant Links:
    Flickr Image Tags in RSS
    The ESP Game

  4. (I am the Stewart mentioned.)

    So, I would generally have nothing but nice things to say about Google and Picasa**, but I’m still annoyed at our pagerank 0, which started shortly after the Picasa acquisition. GoogleGuy, you read this: why be evil?

    Having said that, I think Picasa is a great product. It doesn’t have a focus on search, but it is also a single user app — my bias should be obvious, but I think the method that is going to prove successful in the end is created a shared space for phot0s***, and spreading the metadata-adding burden out among the photographer’s personal network.

    The way to do this is by capturing the conversations that people have about phot0s anyway – if those can take place in titles, descriptions, tags, notes, comments, etc., and if you’re right about “he who gets metadata attached to phot0s first, wins” then, well, we’ll win 😉

    ** Except, I don’t really understand the strategy: with Picasa and the upcoming desktop search, is Google planning to get into the Windows software wholesale? If their business is selling advertising on the web (and, well, it is – at least at this point) then how does Windows software fit in? It’s also not an easy nut to crack: there are lot of companies with established channels, marketing chops, support programs, etc. Google has killer distribution, but that’s not the whole story.

    Also, what’s the business model? Just giving stuff away for free to shut down competitors? It seems a little like the IE (Picasa; free) vs. Netscape (Phot0shop Album; paid) moves circa 1996.

    But I guess that wasn’t nice – on the nice side, I think something as rich as Picasa (or iPhoto, or Album, or one of the others) on the client side and something as rich as Flickr on the web side, fully sync-able, is a winning combination.

  5. *** Weird – I couldn’t submit it with the word p-h-o-t-o-s in it, so I had to spell that word with a zero.

  6. sandner says:

    One thing Google did right is acquire the best in the business. My father got me into using Picasa. He’s not quite a techie, and he swears by it, saying it’s the most usable software out there.