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News: Yahoo Buys FareChase

By - August 06, 2004

farechaseYahoo recently closed a deal to purchase a company in the Travel search space called FareChase. The acquisition was alluded to in a post on Yahoo Finance. I got the tip from competitor Sidestep. I have calls in to confirm (so far this has not been formally announced), but I think this is a done deal. I am told a news report has hit a registration only travel site called Travel Weekly, but I can’t find it at the moment as I am not registered.

UPDATE: Update: Yahoo has confirmed they bought the company, more than a month ago. Why was this kept quiet? SEC rules did not require disclosure due to the small size of the deal…the statement they sent to me: “FareChase’s travel expertise will help further Yahoo!’s goal to create the most comprehensive and relevant travel experience on the Web.” Yahoo stressed this will not impact the Yahoo Travel! property in which Travelocity continues to be the exclusive partner. Well, maybe, but…I’m not sure about that long term!

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4 thoughts on “News: Yahoo Buys FareChase

  1. Tom Griffin says:

    From InternetWeek–
    Yahoo Acquires Travel Vendor FareChase
    Yahoo completed a deal to acquire travel search-engine vendor FareChase. Terms of the deal have not been disclosed.

  2. Otis says:

    Does anyone know the financial details of this deal? A few years ago I turned down a job offer from Fare Chase, so I’m wondering how hard I should beat myself over this… 😉

  3. Otis: Yahoo is still hiring, ya know. 🙂

  4. gomezguys says:

    You should have taken the job. FareChase is a best of breed technology only next best thing to come down the pike is stay tuned