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New Copernic Desktop Search

By - August 31, 2004

logo-copernicFor all you Windows users out there, another search tool for your desktop. Sigh. When will the Mac crack 5% market share and merit a good desktop search tool?

Gary posts a review. Reuters runs a piece.

From his review:

I’ve been using a beta version of the product for the past few weeks and I’m very impressed with its ease of use and overall effectiveness finding material on my computer quickly and easily.

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3 thoughts on “New Copernic Desktop Search

  1. Craig says:

    “When will the Mac crack 5% market share and merit a good desktop search tool?”

    What? Isn’t sherlock/finder/whatever it’s called now good enough for you? Are you criticizing OSX? I’m afraid that’s not allowed, I’m going to have to impound all your Apple hardware and ask that you attend a special political re-education session…

  2. Ed says:

    Check out Devon Agent by Devon Technologies. It’s an excellent desktop search tool for the Mac that I use all the time. You can add your own plugins for any site that places the search query in the url. It also works quite well with Devon Think, a free form database that stores all kinds of information and allows you to quickly find it later.

    Check them out:

  3. kontra says:

    You can’t wait for Spotlight in 1H 2005?