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Compare Search Results With Jux2

By - August 16, 2004

Neat tooljux2 that tracks overlap between major search engine results. Don’ t miss the background page with stats…I’ve been in touch with the founder and he is working on making the unique results available with one click on the “Overlap” results to the right. Try the “What am I missing button” – a very cool tool.

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4 thoughts on “Compare Search Results With Jux2

  1. Gary Price chimes in from email:

    This is not a new idea.

    has offered a similar service for several months.

    In fact, Chris Sherman ran a write up about it.

    I like it better because it offers a graphical display of the result

  2. Dylan says:

    I don’t think Thumbshots and Jux2 are comparable.

    You can use Jux2 like you’d use any search engine, because it gives you “normal” results to read and click on.

    I agree the picture you get from Thumbshots is cool, but I don’t see how it would actually help you get find search results you’re not getting today.

  3. Ryan says:

    OK, I must be missing something here. I’ve played with both and now for about an hour and neither are usable as a search engine (something I like about jux2). What confuses me is that I’m getting different results. is hopeless (I don’t get ANY results for ‘airline tickets, for example) so I’ll just conserve my question to

    When I do the same search on both jux2.xom and I get differing overlap results. For example, search for “shrek” on both. Thumbshots says there’s only a 19% overlap between Google and Yahoo. But jux2 shows a 40% overlap. What gives? I did notice that jux2 groups results in an interleaved display with links from the same domian. Obviously, the two search engines are counting differently. Is this because of the domain/URL disconnect?

    BTW, I like the fact that jux2 shows the results with the exact rank on each engine. It seems like this would be a great tool for advertisers trying to test their rank mods between target search engines without having to chrun at each separately and tally the results.

  4. Fred says:

    Did you use

    It only works with IE.

    Thumbshots looks at the first 100 results.

    I’m not sure what Jux2 is looking at. Ten at a time?

    Also, jux2 says that
    is the number 15 result at Google. It’s actually number 18. It’s also the 28th result at Yahoo. Jux2 makes no mention of it (that I can find)