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MSN Buys Lookout

By - July 15, 2004

lookout.jpg News: Microsoft has purchased Lookout, an Outlook mail search application (it also searches your desktop.) Hmmm….indeed.

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7 thoughts on “MSN Buys Lookout

  1. Ravi says:

    The question is whether Microsoft’s objective is to try to integrate this into Longhorn or to displace Google from expanding their presence from the deskbar/toolbar into Outlook e-mail(Gmail search is blazing fast)/desktop.

  2. Carlos Roche says:

    Does anyone know when Gmail will be on the market?

  3. Adam Rifkin says:

    It’s unclear to me that this move is related to Longhorn at all. The SJ Mercury News only speaks about the integration with MSN Search service. The Lookout employee will join that team, which I believe is not related to the Longhorn team in any way.

    I wrote up some notes about this on my typepad if you’re interested.

    As far as when Gmail will be generally available, that’s anyone’s guess, though I note that a lot of new invitations to Gmail were made available a few weeks ago in an attempt to curtail the black market in gmail swapping. 😉

  4. Ravi says:


    You are right – Lookout is to be integrated into MSN Search, but I wonder why MS is coming into this outside-in rather than inside-out 🙂 I mean, why are they not deploying this on the desktop on Windows and then extending it out to include Websearch. Wouldn’t that be better in taking on Google/Yahoo!? Or is it that this way they don’t appear to be taking advantage of the OS and thereby keep the Ani-trust guys at bay?


  5. I must admit to being more impressed for it. I’ve even recommended it to all my friends.

  6. I have been using it. Outlook Express more stable and secure than other programs.