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Google Preso at Waldorf: Mixed Reviews

By - July 28, 2004

Bloomberg reports on this week’s NY road show:

Google Inc. founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page came to New York in dark suits to sell their company’s $3.3 billion initial public offering to investors at the Waldorf Astoria’s Grand Ballroom. The presentation drew mixed reviews….The Google founders, escorted by bodyguards to the meeting, didn’t talk about future products, earnings or strategy, people who attended the meeting said. Brin and Page made no comments as to what the price of the IPO may be or when the share sale may happen. Reporters were barred from the meeting.

“Given the hype and hoopla surrounding the IPO I thought the presentation failed to live up to expectations,” said Eric Grollman, an analyst who attended the meeting and asked that his firm not be named.

I don’t blame the Google team for being terse and sticking to a set of Powerpoint slides. I imagine if they launched into a verbose riff, Wall St. would have torn them a new one. Play it down the middle till the deal is done….

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3 thoughts on “Google Preso at Waldorf: Mixed Reviews

  1. uh says:

    Here’s the most bizarre example I’ve seen of The Street beating up on Google. Enjoy!

  2. tekstil says:

    Feyyaz You mean at Web 2.0? By not letting them do it, of course