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TiVo: Net Recording Ho!

By - June 09, 2004

tivoYou read about it first here…and now it’s official: TiVo announced today that they will support recording over the internet, allowing folks to bypass traditional distribution systems (ie cable and satellite.) Meanwhile, DirecTV sold its TiVO shares and left the TiVo board.

Related? I think perhaps.

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One thought on “TiVo: Net Recording Ho!

  1. pb says:

    Hooking a PVR up to MovieLink/CinemaNow seems like a no-brainer. I can’t even think of a down-side except that Tivo is so hobbled by it’s Hollywood “partners” and that MovieLink/CinemaNow only support Microsoft DRM which isn’t available on Linux-based Tivo/Replay devices.

    Let’s hope Apple is working on this. I’ve never believed that Jobs really means what he’s been saying about video and media devices. A cheap (MacOS or not) box with wi-fi and a TV tuner pulling down program listings and movies sounds about right.