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Ripping off Google?

By - June 17, 2004

An astute reader points me to, which sounds a lot like a porn site, till you click on it, and get a perfect mirror of Google. For reasons neither he nor I can discern, it seems they are ripping off Google’s HTML. Huh.

Update: Readers have pointed out that the site was or perhaps is still a torrent site. From a reader:

Tried to leave this as a comment, oddly enough, MT refused due to
‘questionable content’. Maybe the URL was in an MT-Blacklist config?

Anyway, is a popular Bitorrent resource for
the latest TV show downloads. They’re probably using a DNS entry
pointing to Google as some kind of obfuscation tactic?

Due to the semi-legitimate nature of the site (I pay for my TV chanels,
so I don’t see a problem downloading shows), please don’t quote me
directly if you post about this.

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6 thoughts on “Ripping off Google?

  1. jay says:

    Well, it looks like is owned by google, as a quick host shows:

    [jcgarcia@minion jcgarcia]$ host has address

    But a lookup on shows the following:

    [jcgarcia@minion jcgarcia]$ host has address has address has address

    So why does google own milfclan?

  2. Brad DeLong says:

    Why do you say “milfclan” sounds like a porn site?… Oh…

    Why *does* Google own milfclan?

  3. Perhaps this is Google’s new venture into the porn world?

  4. Gabe says:

    Some guy in LA supposedly owns
    …and judging from the image at that link, it appears to have been a BitTorrent directory in the past.

    Why the owner pointed his domain name to Google’s server is anyone’s guess.

  5. Psych says:

    well has been a repository for the tvtorrents irc channel on efnet since the last one closed down. my guess is that john is correct, it is a obfuscation tactic.