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By - May 01, 2004

ujiko Kartoo has launched new search engine, Ujiko. I am sure there is an explanation for this name, but I don’t know it. Uses Yahoo Search technology, and lets you to customize results based on what you like and don’t like, and, interestingly, keeps all user data on *your* machine. I do believe this issue of who controls/owns/has rights to user data will be important to most users in a few years, and a significant point of product differentiation. Gary has a review here.

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  • J.K. Bowman

    Interesting concept. With regard to the name perhaps this might offer a clue..

  • Andrea

    UJIKO are also five contiguous keys at the centre of the keyboard

  • Jules

    You are onto it Andrea.

    Check out the end of their flash demo, the graphically confirm that their name is taken from the keyboard layout as you suggest.

  • Guillaume

    Hi all of you,

    As a french, I can tell a bit more on UJIKO !
    You are right, the name simply comes from the proximity of the letters on the keybord. No hidden and intellectual sense on that one !

    Guillaume Gelis

  • patrick

    They have just introduced a new version of UJIKO, the elephant is gone but a 3D design and games levels are appearing – Great concept!