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Blogger Redux

By - May 10, 2004

relaunch_ufosCongrats to the team there, which has shipped a major upgrade. Details on new features here. Main stuff: Comments are enabled, a new “profile” page for Bloggers (watch that space, will be important in the building of meta-Web stuff), stronger permalink support, conditional tagging, email blogging, etc.

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3 thoughts on “Blogger Redux

  1. Doug Cutting says:

    I used this as an opportunity to finally set up a blog. Works for me!

  2. BBC Acorn says:

    So when does Yahoo buy TypePad?

  3. Looong ago — March 31, 2003 — I wrote about Blogger + Google ( on Slashdot.

    So, now that my prediction has been borne out, we can turn our attention to what the updated combination portends.

    See for the details of how Google can grow into a provider of customized lifelong learning and career services.