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Revenue Science

By - April 05, 2004

rs-logoNew model in an emerging market. Big name investors. Strong management. Product launched today. Big name customer, too (WSJ…) On my To Grok list.

Update: Fred points out that Tacoda was in this space first and, to my mind, sports Big Name Investors as well, namely, Fred and Jerry

(thanks, Gary)

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2 thoughts on “Revenue Science

  1. fred wilson says:


    if you want to grok behavioral targeting, you should also follow Tacoda Systems, the company that invented the market and the leader in the space.

    while Revenue Sciences has one big name customer, Tacoda a bunch of them.

    and Tacoda’s investors might not be “big name” but they include your buddies Jerry and Fred.

  2. fred wilson says:

    sorry, wrong URL in the previous post, its