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WaPost On TV: Shift Coming

By - March 25, 2004

Good to see major papers getting on board with the “broadcast is dead” meme: Media Giants Need To Learn to Sing A New Tune (reg req’d).


….it is only a matter of time before millions of consumers will be doing things like creating custom concert videos of their favorite artists. They’ll mix and match video from TV shows and DVD recordings which they (hopefully) will have acquired legally — much as music fans have been creating custom music discs and tapes for years.

Record companies and Hollywood studios may not willingly cede control over how future fans watch stars perform, but it’s hard to imagine how they could lock down digital video so tightly that clever youngsters won’t eventually find ways around them. Already, the Internet abounds with freely available software that lets consumers circumvent copy-protection systems used on commercial DVD movies and concerts.

But as with music, it’s also possible that the rip-and-mix generation will actually wind up buying more recorded video than before, all the better to fuel their digital creativity.

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