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2 thoughts on “MSFT Groks Technorati, Readies Blogbot

  1. The press report says that MS is claiming to be the first. I wasn’t there, but I also don’t see any press releases from MS with that claim. I think it’s equally likely that the reporter was unfamiliar with the space and got it wrong. People at MS are definitely familiar with Technorati Feedster, etc.

    Microsoft Research demonstrated a question-answering system called AskMSR a couple of years ago. It uses both formal natural language technology and statistical analysis to analyze questions and find approrpiate answers. A paper describing the system is at and I know that they have continued to improve it.


  2. Gary says:

    Thanks Kevin!
    This paper (also by MS Researchers) might be of interest.

    Web Question Answering: Is More Always Better?