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Email Search, Cont: Bloomba

By - March 12, 2004

Stata Labs’ Bloomba gets a rave, of sorts, in Fast Company. The company Demo’d at Demo last month. Demo guru Chris Shipley called it “the Google of email.”

The bottom line: Bloomba 1.0 is an incredibly innovative product that turns the way we think about email entirely on its head. Searching, not power-foldering, is probably the wave of the future for serious email communicators. But it’s not yet ready for prime time

(thanks, Hylton)

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  • Otis Gospodnetic

    I don’t think searching will become the primary way of reading email in the near future, even though email clients of today lack a good built-in search engine.

    However, Bloomba does not sound all that innovative.
    See my blog entry from a month ago: