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Neat Feedster Hack

By - February 16, 2004

Feedster is demo’ing at the Demo conference today, and Scott sent along news of their latest feature: Feedpapers. They’ve got proof of concept here: Political Feedpapers for each candidate. In essence a Feedpaper is a search of the blogophere for posts on a particular topic, which are then organized and presented for you. It’s well done.

Feedster has a page with more on Feedpapers:

When you think about what Feedster really does, it lets you listen to the web. A Feedpaper is a sophisticated daily newspaper, a “Feedpaper”, automatically constructed from what people are saying about a subject. We offer a handful of general interest Feedpapers and you or your organization can sign up for a personal Feedpaper (not yet available; coming soon).

I’m looking forward to creating Feedpapers on topics like search, TiVo, etc.

Another example of how Feedster feeds the political sphere is on this Kerry site, which uses Feedster to search the blogosphere for Kerry news.

UPDATE: I should have noted the public “builder” they’ve got as well, it’s a tool for rolling your own feed or Feedpaper…

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