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Talk the Talk?

By - January 21, 2004

Via Search Engine Guide I came across this: SearchLimo. You know how Google employee #1 and supergeek Craig Silverstein used to always say he wanted a search engine to “be like the computer on Star Trek“? Well, this is a step in that direction, though I am in no way qualified to judge if this company has the goods to deliver. So what is it? Simply put, voice-driven search.

Now, I *hate* the metaphor used here – a limo – and they’ve made it worse by beating an already dead horse with the tagline “The Web’s Luxury SE.” Gawd. And it’s damn near impossible to find out who is behind this. All the links and About pages are about…how to advertise. The only reference to who is responsible is this: “(SearchLimo) …was developed and built on a freeware VRU platform designed by a prominent institution of higher education…” OK…so…which one? By whom? Can’t find anything. Anyway, it launches officially on Feb 15.

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One thought on “Talk the Talk?

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