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Corporate Reputation Management Engine

By - January 28, 2004

So perfect is this, that I must simply quote from the release, and let it speak for itself. SEO has come to PR!

Converseon Launches First-of-Its-Kind Search Engine Reputation Management Service


“SERMA(C)” Combines Innovative Content Management Techniques Together with Sophisticated Optimization Skills To Help Companies Better Manage Their Reputations and Brand Online
Converseon, a leading digital communications agency, today announced the global launch of the industry’s first search engine reputation management service (SERMA) designed specifically to help companies manage their corporate reputations in search engines. SERMA was created in response to the increasingly important role search engines have in determining a company’s reputation.

“Search engines have become the primary resource for journalists and other constituents to gather information on a specific company,” says Robert Key, President & CEO of Converseon. “Yet, while many companies may pay close attention to how the traditional media portrays them, most companies are completely unaware of what information is appearing when search engine users type in a company’s name.” He points to examples like McDonald’s and Nike, where users typing in the companies’ names on Google are exposed to highly negative information, including, a “protest site,” and the “Boycott Nike Homepage.”

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One thought on “Corporate Reputation Management Engine

  1. adam says:

    Very smart!