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By - December 13, 2003

Marchex, a Seattle-based SEO/Pay per click firm headed by folks from Go2Net, has filed to go public. Here’s a story on it. This is interesting in many ways – the company is not profitable (though it is cash flow positive), and it’s not well known, but it’s in the search/advertising space, which is feeling overheated. Worth watching.

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4 thoughts on “Marchex

  1. scotty says:

    YO from philly Jim Cramer (MAD MONEY CNBC) said this was a strong buy even if they are at 10xsales! I bought 20 shares!

  2. Arizona Land says:

    Marchex has been playing Google on Adwords and Adsense for Arbitrage. They entice you to one of their sites and then supply a list of Adsense ads for profit (most likely at a small loss as they try to snare new customers). Great for them — Bad for Google.

  3. Adam says:

    I was looking into using marchex but have seen about a million and a half reviews of them having clients banned from programs like adwords mainly because of ad and spyware which results in click fraud as well as some issues with robots Here is a thread from webmasters world which concerns me and makes me want to not use them. What is your opinion?


  4. Im not sure about this company, but incase shoemoney launches a company fr IPO i’ll buy stocks on it.