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Another Oddly Named New One…

By - December 30, 2003

Tara over at ResearchBuzz has found this new entry: Ay-Up. Yup, Ay-Up. As she points out in her post summarizing its features, Ay-Up is unique in that it offers free site search. Worth a looksee. (And yet another new engine that needs the help of a logo specialist…)

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3 thoughts on “Another Oddly Named New One…

  1. Andy Baio says:

    I’m not sure if the problem is with their algorithm or the extremely-thin database of indexed pages, but almost every search returns very poor results. Try searching for most anything, like “battelle,” “weblogging,” or “movabletype.”

  2. I looked for “stapleton-gray” and got a single hit: for a page re beer in airports…

    I presume this was related to Stapleton Airport in Denver, but I’ve heard more about me than meets Ay-Up’s eye… (e.g., 1,420 hits on Google)

  3. Your link points to her TrackBack URL, not the article.

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