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Cato Weighs in on Google-As-Public-Utility Meme

By - November 20, 2003

Upshot: they don’t like the idea much. Nor do I, but it’s not because I hold an unfettered libertarian worldview. I thought the meme of “let’s regulate Google like a public utility because it has too much power” was a short lived one, and I’m not sure why Cato brought it up again, but, there you have it. The piece has a lot of links in it and therefore provides a pretty good overview of the “Is Google Too Powerful” concept. Plus the piece even quotes one of my columns, though without direct attribution (it does point to my article hosted and mirrored on some other site…hey…wait a minute! But I guess that’s one way to get my stuff out there beyond the walls of the Time Inc. enclave….) It’s nice to know folks are reading…

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One thought on “Cato Weighs in on Google-As-Public-Utility Meme

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