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Netflix On Its Market

By - May 31, 2010

Via KK and Cuban, I found this deck from Netflix CEO Reed Hastings, who will be speaking at Web 2 Summit this year. It’s a very transparent take on his company’s market position, competitors, and prospects. Worth clicking through.

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One thought on “Netflix On Its Market

  1. Andrew Mayne says:

    Interesting presentation. I think they sell short the threat from the “giants”. A company like Apple has more of an advantage than just the ability to spend money.

    They could very easily flip on a streaming option for iTunes and market that to the 100 million plus people that already have accounts with credit card info.

    This could all change overnight.

    I love Netflix and my Roku box, I also love Netflix on my iPad. But as far as streaming is concerned, it’s about the content and not the provider. =