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Help Me Interview Tim Armstrong at CM Summit

By - May 11, 2010

AOL-Tim-Armstrong_medium.jpgThird on our hit list of CM Summit interviews is Tim Armstrong, CEO of AOL.  

Tim has now held that title for just about a year. Lately he’s taken to rallying the AOL troops with this decidedly controversial slogan: “Beat the Internet!”

If you want to find out what that’s all about, how Tim’s first year on the job has gone, and more, please come to the conference. And if you want me to ask your question on stage, please leave it in comments here!

(And please, help me with questions for Arianna Huffington and Tony Hsieh! Thanks!).

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7 thoughts on “Help Me Interview Tim Armstrong at CM Summit

  1. Ed Evans says:

    1. What obstacles do you see ahead of AOL, how do you overcome them, and how do you get started?
    2. Beyond email, does AOL intend to grow itself into a service community in the manner of Google, on the professional and personal level?

  2. When will AOL finally ditch its worthless brand name and wake up to using the Wisdom of the Language more effectively? AOL has some of the most valuable properties on the web and apparently is not doing anything (or at least not anything meaningful or significant) with them. The longer the company waits, the more clueless it appears. At some point, there would be no alternative to simply selling it off for parts. What game plan is being used to prevent such a wholesale liquidation? Or is the long term business plan to attempt to “flip” these assets at some point in time? Doesn’t sound like a going concern to me… — more “gone” than “going”.

  3. Lester Puppo says:

    I would like to know in which way does AOL deal with the competition nowadays. What are the basic strategies and how often do they need to change such strategies due to the constantly changing market?

    Like @Ed Evans said, I would also be interested in knowing what are some of the main plans for the future in AOL working plan?
    Any changes to be expected soon?

  4. Bojan says:

    what does he thinks kicking facebook’s ass as suggested in loren feldman’s video here:

  5. Antoine says:

    How is life after Google 🙂 ?

    What’s in stock with their ad serving product (AdTech)?

  6. Michael says:

    (1) Where will the innovation in ‘online content monetization’ (OCM) come from?

    AOL? HuffPost? TechCrunch/GigaOm/TPM/Politico? NYT? WSJ? Or somebody not yet on the screen.

    (2) What is the biggest revenue stream currently, and what the most underrated one, in OCM.

  7. Ian Lamont says:

    Facebook is currently facing a serious crisis over privacy. Is there an opportunity here for Bebo or other AOL services?