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When Value Is Created, Let It Be Curated At Scale

By - June 25, 2009

Facebook’s opening up even more, as CNet reports. Facebook has posted an update to its “Publisher” settings – basically, the instrumentation to your status updates – that makes it possible to broadcast the value you create in the social web through composition – of a status update, a blog post, or any other action that you might wish to declare. You can instrument it to be seen only by your network, or your network’s network, or everyone – and it’s that everyone part that makes Facebook a lot more like Twitter in terms of the ability for developers to create interesting executions based on that firehose. Think about what Microsoft did with ExecTweets, but with Facebook scale. Of course, that’s just the tip o’ the iceberg. Exciting stuff.

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3 thoughts on “When Value Is Created, Let It Be Curated At Scale

  1. Karl Foxley says:

    This is an interesting development and certainly one to get excited about.

    Keep us posted on this one as.


    Karl Foxley

  2. Everyone always eventually try and copy each other, twitter will become facebook and visa versa, diluting the original essence that made them popular. M.

  3. “The Live Stream Box is easy to install and takes just a minute to set up,” the post added. “To get the Live Stream Box on your website, get a Facebook API key, upload a small file to your website, and then embed a few lines of code into your Web page.”