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Searchblog – Now with FB Connect

By - March 25, 2009

sblog FB COnnect.pngThanks to the hard working folks at Six Apart and Ivan at FM, Searchblog now lets you comment using your Facebook login. This makes it a lot easier to leave comments if you’re already on Facebook. Now, if I can only get the Facebook comments on my tweets of these posts to populate on this blog (hint hint, Facebook), the loop will be complete!  

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  • Martin Tassara

    already working? not seeing it here..

  • Andrew

    It looks and works great, glad we could help!

  • Jeannie

    Glad to see FB Connect in action. It will def be easier for my friends to know which blogs I’m following now.

  • Noah

    I’m still not sure why people use Twitter when facebook already does what Twitter does…but better.

  • Cory

    Nice! I still think ’09 will be the year of the social graph, so it’ll be interesting to watch these different ‘connect’ options battle it out to decide who will be king.

  • Dave

    We’re happy to have you John :)

  • Eduard

    That’s definitely helpful, thanks!

  • Josh

    We’re thrilled to see you using Facebook Connect for comments. Looks great!