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Another Conversational Economy Milestone

By - March 11, 2009

Found in this Wired piece on Comcast:

Thanks to Famous Frank (here’s Searchblog’s interview), Comcast began thinking about going even further. The weekend that the company published its response to the FCC—outlining how it managed its network and how it planned to change—one of Roberts’ lieutenants suggested something even more radical: having ordinary company engineers go on message boards to answer questions. It was the kind of proposal that violated every tenet of the old cable code of business, and the matter could be settled only at an executive board meeting on the 52nd floor.

Roberts, sitting with his back to the window, listened to both sides. Then he declared it was time to be a bit more transparent. He finally got it. He was turning a page. “I think we should do this, but we all have to have thick skins,” he said. “People are going to vent. But that’s all right.”

Comcast is joining the conversation, and that is a major, major shift for Big Business. It won’t be an easy shift, it’ll be way easier to go back to old habits. But it’s encouraging to see Really Big Companies making the transition to the Conversation Economy.

(Hat tip, @TheJames)

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One thought on “Another Conversational Economy Milestone

  1. Livia Labate says:

    As someone working with Comcast I can attest to how transformative this shift in thinking is. Much more to come, I am confident. 🙂

    PS: I am not associated with Frank’s team, just a happy Comcaster among the 100,000 of us.