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Oh, Ouch. ""

By - February 02, 2009

Msft Livesearch?

I was looking for MSFT Live search earlier today for some research. Dumb ol’ me, I typed “livesearch” into my browser. Yow. I got this.

I can only imagine the purpleness of Ballmer as he trys to negotiate the domain squatter out of this domain! I wonder what the price would be?

NB: My favorite video of Steve. I loved our conversation at Web 2:

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9 thoughts on “Oh, Ouch. ""

  1. Tom Nocera says:

    Thanks, John, for sharing that clip of your Web 2.0 interview with Steve Ballmer. I like Ballmer’s style. He comes across as personable, persuasive and a very effective communicator.

  2. …”the purpleness of Ballmer as he trys to negotiate”…? What about MY purpleness as I reel under the body blow of this HORRIBLE spelling mistake…?!

  3. @Alex. ok ok ok TRIES

  4. Artı Haber says:

    I want to purchase this domain :D Use all category for internet, is it true? But doesn’t selling it.

  5. very interesting, let me have a look the

  6. Curtis says:

    Whois says was registered in 1996.

    Was even launched as a search engine back then?

  7. Merrill says:

    Did you notice that they appeared as a sponsored link on

  8. Ben says:

    Someone needs to keep Steve away from the coffee shop ;). It sounded like he had one too many iced coffees prior to this interview!

    Thanks for sharing.


  9. nmw says:

    ps / btw: Which spelling is “correct” — flyer or flier?

    ;) nmw