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Don't Spank the Cat (Spank the Cat, Baby)

By - January 30, 2009

So I write a longish post, thinking out loud, and tweet it. Then as an afterthought, I tweet that my cat was bad today, and I had to punish it. Do I spank the cat, I asked? Well, the response was pretty funny. Twitter is connected to my Facebook account, and most likley the longest comment thread ever on my “status” ensued. Within a minute, I had two status updates: One of my tweets is about the future of publishing, business, culture, the economy. Heavy shit. The other is about spanking a cat.

Which one do you think won in terms of comments and engagement? Yup. Lesson learned. When looking for traffic, spank your cat.

(And by the way, fix your permalink lameness, Facebook. It keeps you from being part of the real web).

Update: This is NOT ME spanking the cat! I mean, really. The video is hilarious, but it’s a bit….twisted too.

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6 thoughts on “Don't Spank the Cat (Spank the Cat, Baby)

  1. M3 Sweatt says:

    People love it when you mix felines with technology.

    One of the comments that generated the most feedback was my update, “updated my post that the Windows 7 Beta is available now, which coincided with our cat whoofing its cookies.”

    Go figure.

  2. The “permalink lameness” from Facebook is something called hash-based navigation for faster page loads. Facebook serves up a specially optimized site for Firefox users that will only load the part of that page that has changed (through Ajax.) This technique leads to a snappier site and reduced bandwidth costs.

    Your Facebook profile page is:

  3. Dan Miller says:

    >>When looking for traffic, spank your cat.
    This isn’t just an amusing apercu. Cat-spanking will always outpull heavy shit, and what online publisher isn’t looking for traffic? When newspapers die, and when whatever news-gathering remains is supported by clicks, what kind of news will we be left with?

  4. Rob Phillips says:

    Hehe, glad to hear it wasn’t you!

    Upon viewing the video I am pretty sure i wasn’t alone in thinking “sooooo, that’s how it goes down in Chez Battelle” 😉

  5. coxy says:

    I discovered the lack of permalinks on things the other week when I had a status update of my own full of comments which I was looking to link to.

    Forunately, I get email alerts of such things – which DO contain permalinks. Why they don’t put that link on the site is beyond me.

  6. Frank B says:

    I spank my cat all the time! Of course, I use a virtual paddle on my iPhone. It’s called iSpank. And, whoa, is it silly. Check it out: