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Biggest Day Ever

By - January 05, 2009

Digg Predict 09

Yesterday’s (well, technically, Sunday’s) predictions 2009 post drew the single largest crowd ever to Searchblog in its five-plus year history. More than 50,000 people came to visit it, thanks in large part to Twitter and Digg.

I’m honored and pleased as punch, and it really makes me want to write more. In fact, each of the predictions could be a long post, and perhaps they will be. Also, I have more to say that I could not get into the post I wrote Sunday before heading up to the top of Tam. Sometimes, fate gives you a nudge. Thanks for coming, all.

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4 thoughts on “Biggest Day Ever

  1. Congratulations ! Your 2009 predictions post was very interesting. I did discover it through Twitter.
    I read your blog since the reading of your book, in French. This is of one my favourite book about Search. In the agency I’m working (, several people read it and enjoyed it a great deal. When we talk with customers ostensibly eager to know more about Search, we tell them to buy it. Best wishes for 2009 and thanks for your insight !

  2. Laura G. Brown says:

    You have an interesting, quality blog. The best of luck in 2009. It only shows your competence in the search area that you were able to exploit Twitter to get more feedback.

  3. Tom Nocera says:

    Note to myself: Be sure to buy adspace on Searchblog for the week of the 2010 predictions!

  4. Charl says:

    Interesting predictions

    Nice work on the social traffic – good start to the year