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Google's Project 10^100

By - September 28, 2008

This will be interesting to watch:

To mark our 10th birthday and celebrate the spirit of our users and the web, we’re launching Project 10^100 (that’s “ten to the hundredth”) a call for ideas that could help as many people as possible, and a program to bring the best of those ideas to life. CNN will be covering this project, including profiles of ideas and the people who submit them from around the world. For a deeper look, follow along at Impact Your World.

The site is here. I wish we could see the ideas streaming by and vote on them. It’s too opaque right now. But this is VERY Web Meets World, which is the theme of Web 2 this year, and Larry Brilliant, the head of, will be our first speaker. Good timing.

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4 thoughts on “Google's Project 10^100

  1. Sözlük says:

    thanks you very much. this is very interesting.

  2. Techwriters says:

    Hmmm….. looks great……
    i think Google will definitely change the world………

  3. Do you value your idea enough to get it off the shelf? Well then, strengthen your chances of changing the world by visiting and sharing your idea with this enthusiastic bunch.
    There is strength in numbers – so let’s put our great ideas together, create a superb proposal and Change the World!!

  4. Bill Schneider says:

    I just submitted my idea to Google 10100. What is the significance of the “1016 related” at the bottom of the form???? The form would not go through without typing it. Now I have to question the two words you want typed at the bottom of this form. Can you explain it to me?????
    Sir Willie