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The Web 2 Summit Charity Auction

By - August 03, 2008

Tim posts here about the auction we’re be having as part of the Web 2 Summit this Fall. Given the theme (Web Meets World), we’re giving profits to charity, and we’re looking for suggestions on what we might auction off. The bigger the idea, the better, of course. For example, Lance Armstrong will be signing a bike and we’ll be auctioning that!

Here is the release, and here’s the link to the auction page. But I need your help: What should we auction off? When we did this back in the late 90s, we auctioned off John Doerr’s tie for like ten grand, as I recall. I think someone paid a lot more than that to throw Meg Whitman, me, Mary Meeker, and Bill Gurley into the pool.

Now those were the days…

Please go to the auction’s Facebook page to suggest some great ideas or just comment here! Thanks.

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One thought on “The Web 2 Summit Charity Auction

  1. Pamela says:


    Web meets World- Together we can make change . Our tag line is “Connected We Make a Difference” as in and the dots steve jobs refers to in his incredible stanford commencement speech @2005>.

    I have done many of these auctions to individuals with deep pockets and have a lot of good ideas- i would assume your advisory have many of the same-

    if your interested email me and ill elaborate.
    and I know my husband will be there- getting money out of him – well thats another trick-

    best of luck