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It's Really. Freakin. Hot.

By - May 15, 2008

Local Global Warming
I dunno if you believe in global warming. But it’s MAY 15TH fergoodness sakes. Look at the outside temp indicator on my car. Which is parked IN THE SHADE.

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8 thoughts on “It's Really. Freakin. Hot.

  1. Ron Hager says:

    When you quote that temperature, you are discussing the weather, a localized event. Both Global Warming and Climate Change are entirely different from weather. The day to day weather for any local area has always experienced extremes, but those extremes do not immediately translate into Global Warming or Climate Change. If you are concerned about either of these, The Nature Conservancy is a good place to start.
    See for a better explanation than I can provide.

  2. Alex says:

    The (unintended) genius of this post is the mention of global warming next to a picture of the thermometer you chose to measure the temperature from _in your car_ (tell me it’s a hybrid!)

  3. tt says:

    looks like a gas guzzling audi to me.

  4. Jennifer says:

    Hi John!
    Please send some of that my way – Michigan! We are not even breaking out of the 60’s and I still have my heat on because it drops to the 40’s at night!


  5. Gordon says:

    Of course, global warming/climate change is not really something to believe in. It is a fact which you can either choose to acknowledge or not.

  6. Guys. I am making a joke here. OK. 1. I entirely acknowledge the facts. The earth is warming up. 2. Yes, it’s my car. Yes, it’s an Audi. And yes, I feel appropriate guilt about that and attempt to offset the fact of its global warming ways in any number of ways. And 3. didn’t anyone notice the car was in “Drive”?!

  7. Matt says:

    I don’t believe in it and don’t accept it as fact either. We understand very, very little about our atmosphere and its history. Climate models have failed to predict the last 7 years of non-warming… What makes everyone think they’re going to accurately predict the next 70?

    Rather than scare everyone about climate change (which is eternally constant), why not scare people about ever increasing energy scarcity? Prices are proving that. We need to start building nuclear power plants. That’s the answer to both concerns.

    BTW, Audis are great cars. If you’re going to guzzle gas, that’s a comfortable way to do it.

  8. Howard Owens says:

    About the same time you were taking that pic, it was 40 degrees in Rochester — on a May afternoon!