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News: Google Opens Search Index

By - April 01, 2008

Google today announced that it is opening its search index to all comers, essentially taking a page from Amazon’s anemic Alexa approach, but moving the chess pieces well past that initial strategy: partners who take advantage of the new Google Search APIs will have the chance to finally meet the man behind Google’s curtain, shake hands, and then take over the controls.

As part of the move, Google announced it would be creating a new foundation to manage an open source version of its secret sauce. Details are still unclear, but it seems Google has realized that to win in the next phase of search, you must be open. I certainly applaud the sentiment, but until Google announces its Terms of Service, I’ll reserve judgement (after all, that’s where the money will be made, and the data rights determined).

Google’s move is certain to confuse Wall St, as of this writing, the company’s stock was mostly unchanged. However, it will take weeks, if not months, to sort through the true implications of this historic move. For now, the announcement timing feels a bit …. April’s Fool-ish….

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8 thoughts on “News: Google Opens Search Index

  1. nmw says:

    Is there any press release or some sort of conversation with users and/or the wider public about this?

    It would be nice to see some sort of 2-way communication channel….

  2. Chad says:

    Your piece feels a little April Foolish. Where’s the link to the announcement?

  3. Mike Volpe says:

    They SHOULD do this. But they never will.

  4. Tim Broder says:

    I’ve seen this a few times today… wondering if its an April Fools

  5. Chewxy says:

    I read this in Google Operating System.. its called OpenGoogle?

  6. This does seem unlikely and April foolish. Given I’ve already seen about ten april fools gags from the goog today, if this is another then I’ll be forced to conclude that Google actually has a full april fool task force working up April Fools gags all year round.

    How nice it must be to be so dominant in one’s market that one can dedicate a full day of comms a year to just messing about. Still, no doubt the goog’s done an ROI and worked out that the “fun” brand benefits of such April tomfoolery deliver a clear positive NPV and are well worth the investment. Probably.

    Still. It’s a lot better than the poh faced corporates of yesteryear, and so hats of to the goog and their bizarre obsession with April Fools!

  7. I’m kidding – April Fools!

  8. The Web has made April Fools day a game among adults and taken on new life around the world.

    Before the Web, this use to be a joke among kids in the USA, adults would just ignore it.

    Now the entire globe gets involve and adults are playing games on the Web