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Watch Me Buy

By - March 31, 2008

Hmmm. How do you all feel about targeting?

These days, the only Internet users who aren’t aware that some of their activities are being tracked and used for marketing purposes are those who just joined yesterday. In fact, almost three-quarters of those surveyed by TNS Global on behalf of consumer privacy organization TRUSTe said that they are aware that their browsing history “may be collected” for advertising purposes. They’re not necessarily happy about it, though, and almost all have indicated that they would like to have more of a say in how their information is used.

As you know, I’ve got my opinion right here.

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2 thoughts on “Watch Me Buy

  1. nebby says:

    This has become a huge problem on the internet although some sites use for their own martketing uses others I have learned sell info to larger corporations which i feel is very sad 🙁

  2. Urgh

    How would you feel about watching TV if the only channel was PBS? Or opening your email box if it only had SPAM?

    The web will never move away from an advertiser supported model unless ads don’t work. Let’s pray that never happens or the value of the web will greatly diminish. The goal of the entire web (not just ads) is to deliver more relevance and intelligence to people in their everyday lives. No stopping that either.

    Privacy is a joke in today’s society. The thinking is a holdover from another age. The fact is most of what is collected on the web is non-PII. Privacy alarmists should spend more time on what happens with our PII from Point of Sale and other “offline” data collection.

    As far as surveys, what people say and how they act are two different things. What do we know from testing people in live environments? Relevance rules.