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The Great Firewall, Again

By - March 17, 2008

This issue is not going away, and the Olympics will only heighten it…from ars:

China has joined the ranks of countries that have instituted either temporary or permanent blocks on YouTube. The decision came as clips of the recent riots in Tibet—a “sensitive” topic in China—have made their way onto the popular video sharing site. As usual, the Chinese government has remained mum on the move to block content from the eyes of Internet users, so it’s unclear whether this block will remain in effect for the long term or if it’s merely a short-term solution.

YouTube isn’t the only site that has reportedly been added to China’s Great Firewall since the Tibetan riots started last week. Popular news sites reporting on the riots—such as CNN, The Guardian, the BBC, Google News, and Yahoo!—have allegedly had all or parts of their sites blocked. Some Chinese readers have reported that only specific articles have been blocked, including ones that contain keywords about Tibet, riots, or the Dalai Lama.

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6 thoughts on “The Great Firewall, Again

  1. China is under going civil rights change much as we did during the 50,s and 60,s. It is hard to oppress people in the internet age. China needs to let the people make money online and start a business. Freedom

  2. VINCENT CROWN says:

    Hi John,

    Since I discovered your blog I´ve become a fanatic of yours, following everything you comment and learning a lot from you. Thanks.

    The CHINA MATTER, matters, and matters a lot. I lot more presure needs to be done in order to avoid non-democratic countries to interfere with internet liberties and a lot more presure needS to be done to avoid “be no evil companies” to benefit from the benefits obtained thaNks to DICTATORSHIP.

  3. Prefabrik says:

    China’s firewall is only country security. Is it very developed and i think not useful for China’s peoples. Thanks you.

  4. oyun says:

    China’s Firewall is only country security.China’s peoples very hard-working for NumberOne Securtiy China.Thanks

  5. saran says:

    web is a borderless/flat world, if any country/business goes against this, latter they pay a heavy price…China should change this attitude. IMO, Governments should not involve directly on web related issues, they should force companies to follow policies and address the security concerns.

  6. Jon says:

    I can only hope this leads to a gold medal winning athlete yelling free Tibet from the podium at the Olympics. The whole censorship issue is going to really blow up on them one day when the people have decided that enough it enough.