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Spring Training: Practice Time

By - February 24, 2008

I’ve got an IAB Board meeting and annual conference in Phoenix starting today, and last week was winter break for my kids. So we combined the two and spent a few days as a family in Scottsdale, home of my hometown team. Yesterday my son and I walked over to the Giants’ training facility and were pleased to find it open, with about fifty or so die hard fans taking in a glorious early camp practice. I shot a few pictures off my mobile phone, here they are, to warm your still wintry hearts.

Ian At Practice

My son Ian is stoked to be here.


Barry Zito (#75) is ready to have a better year. He lives in my neighborhood in Marin, and I’m told he’s glad to have his transition year (from the A’s to the Giants) over with.

The Grab

Ah, baseball. Some things never change.

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