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By - January 08, 2008


This looks really cool. Via Mashable, which has a good writeup:

Readburner is a site that has been playing at the edges of my feeds for several weeks now. I think I vaguely remember submitting my linkblog to a developer a month or so ago. He had said he needed a pile of linkblog submissions while he worked on an experimental aggregator based around Google’s Shared Item functionality. I saw a shared item in one or two of the linkblogs I subscribe to that ended up pointing back to a directory on an Amazon EC2 server.

Then Louis Gray wrote a couple articles, letting the cat out of the bag that there was indeed a project underway to finally fulfill the longstanding wishes of MG Siegler (and a great number of other folks like me who are avid Google Reader users). Yes, Virginia, there is a Google Shared Items memetracker, and its name is ReadBurner.

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3 thoughts on “Readburner

  1. Louis Gray says:

    Looks like the links didn’t come through in the excerpt from Mashable, but they are below.

    ReadBurner’s Unplanned Big First Day Shows Real Promise

    ReadBurner, In Stealth Mode, Looking to Sort Shared Feed Items

    ReadBurner is very raw, but very interesting.

  2. Benjamin Golub says:

    Check out if you have a chance. I do some things that ReadBurner doesn’t; mainly search, fluid clean valid layout, RSS feeds everywhere (even searches have RSS feeds) and tags.

  3. drew olanoff says:

    We’re set to relaunch better than ever, more details over at

    Thanks for the support!