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Predictions, Revisited

By - November 28, 2007

Whoa. This is the first result on Google for “predictions 2007.” I better focus for 2008. I was just reviewing what I wrote about a year ago, and to find it, I typed that phrase into Google, and was stunned. I am certain someone did a better job than me, on issues far more important than the ones I found interesting. Clearly, the Index has a way to go…

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  • nmw

    John, your link via Google.COM redirected me to results from Google.DE (presumably Google algorithms have a “rule” that since I’m currently in Germany [based on my IP address?], I should prefer results from Google.DE to those from Google.COM) — so you may have to be more careful drawing conclusions from a Google.COM search link (@ Google.DE your #1 Google.COM result came in at #3).

  • Adam Hodgkin

    This years predictions still have a way to go, but they dont look to be on target. Does this mean that your Google ranking will be lower in 2008? (Unless December suddenly goes your way).

  • Derek Tumolo

    Ah, the echo chamber of blogging strikes again. By the way, have you ever considered building a mobile friendly version of your blog? Reading this on a mobile requires about 4 pages of scrolling to get through the sidebar to the article I clicked for.

  • Internet

    At the turn of the last century could anyone have predicted this>>>>