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4 thoughts on “There Has to Be A Better Way to Do This

  1. Erik says:

    It’s called usage-based pricing. It makes this problem as well as net neutrality go away and is inherently fair.

  2. Hollywood says:

    This illustrates how the US system is lagging behind Japan,where households enjoy 100Mb as normal.

    This may be a blessing in disguise for this family – living in an area like RockVille, there may be high speed DSL options available that she was not aware of – and can take advantage to get the most out of The Internet.

    But in terms of her not being told how much is too much – perhaps the rep she spoke to DID NOT KNOW.

    Writing a letter to the VIPs of the company and having it trickle down from the top – might have gotten her an official response which she could have used to help her monitor her downloads. You can manually access the amount of your downloads by just keeping track of bandwidth hoggers.

  3. snyder73 says:

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  4. Santa says:

    Comcast is the absolute worst ISP. Their advertised sppeds are more theoretical than actual. I would not blame people that decide they are going to use the speed and bandwidth that they were promised, I would blame Comcast for playing the law of averages by building a system that was not robust enough fo theoretically 70% of their subscribers to use the system in heavy duty usage, whether VOIP, streaming video, or downloading. Grow up Comcast, stop the false adverts, post the limits, or enjoy Chapter 11 in under 2 years.