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LaunchPad, Revisited

By - September 04, 2007

Last week I posted about the new LaunchPad, VC edition, at Web2, noting that submissions are open, and entrepreneurs now did not have to pay or actually launch the company – it’s more of a chance to get in front of the entire Web 2 audience and show off your stuff. Since we’re only going to have a month or so for submissions to be open, and no one reads sites like this one in the last week of August, I figured I’d post again. Here’s my original post, here’s where you can learn more and submit your company. Good luck!

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  • Search ☸Engines ☸Web

    Was this no fee policy change influenced by the suggestion SearchEnginesWeb made a years go in the first LaunchPad Announcement.

    If so, it will be very gratifying to have that type of effect on society – and the latest in an astounding run of achievements via blog posts.