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CM Summit Videos

By - September 23, 2007


If you’re interested in that conference FM hosted earlier this month, the first batch of videos are up. Some are quite long, and take a while to load in flash, but once they do, they play smoothly. My favorites:

The Opening (yeah, it’s me, but I frame what I mean by all this, if that interests you.)

Scott Cook (very thoughtful)

Steve Hayden sets up the day

More will be up as time permits, so check back if you’re interested.

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2 thoughts on “CM Summit Videos

  1. nmw says:

    WOW! Great presentation! I guess that explains (to some degree) why Google seems to be bamboozled by facebook. Let me attempt to list some more/less simple, coherent comments:

    1. Command line? Google?!? This has got to be the most provocative statement of all — but I think almost no one will really get the analogy and/or think it through to it’s conclusion. If they did, they might recall that IBM was “done in” by someone who now looks like a dinosaur, too (but they’ve also looked “old-fashioned” many times before ;). If they did, they would recall some marketing guru prone to throwing chairs begging and pleading to please “stay the course” instead of going to an “open” source. If the did, they might actually even get *past* 2.0 and begin to understand the Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace. And then, if the stepped into this vast and open cyberspace, they would realize that the so-called “command line” no longer has any syntactical rules other than what the USERs decide: I type in because I WANT to go there — and that is IT. ;D

    2. Wonderful stats — let’s try a little “wisdom of the mob/crowds” experiment: Can anyone tell me what “property” ranked just above FM (by unique visitors) in the comscore-screen? (that piece of meat is right where it belongs — in the middle 😉 I squinted and figured, came up with a rather simple metric: (Total Uniques) / (Average Daily) = X. Turns out, Myspace’s and Facebook’s X’s are a reelin’ and a rockin’ (low — a low score, I guess, indicates something like “stickiness”).

    3. How much would you pay for ?

    ;D nmw

  2. ElP says:

    Will you be posting a video of your conversation with Messrs. Levinsohn and Miller? Where is your contact info on this blog?