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DRM Lessons

By - August 16, 2007

Ken gives us a good one, in this early (Aug 12) piece on the lesson of Google shutting down video purchases.

See, after Google takes its video store down, its Internet-based DRM system will no longer function. This means that customers who have built video collections with Google Video offerings will find that their purchases no longer work. This is one of the major flaws in any DRM system based on secrets and centralized authorities: when these DRM data warehouses shut down, the DRM stops working, and consumers are left with useless junk.

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2 thoughts on “DRM Lessons

  1. Gerald Buckley says:

    As it is with music purchases for your Spring phones. No network connectivity: No playback.

    DRM is its own worst enemy and will unravel under its own weight.

  2. Carsten Cumbrowski says:

    This video is a perfect fit to the subject.

    Do you think that the movie industry is better than the music industry? People will turn to “illegal copies” and companies will sue them left and right, just like the RIAA did with tens of thousands of consumers and often paying customers.

    They should make it simple and easy and just declare every citizen to a criminal and get it over with 🙁