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Slow Day

By - May 07, 2007

I’ll be heading up to Microsoft today (nice timing) to the company’s annual sales partner meeting. Terry Semel, interestingly, is on the docket to speak. Now that should get some tongues wagging.

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3 thoughts on “Slow Day

  1. DavidDalka says:

    I guess we get to hear one more round of the rumor…it’s too bad that Microsfot doesn’t stream that annual event live on the web, I think it’s a lost opportunity for them.

  2. DavidDalka says:

    I meant “Microsoft”

    The person that invents spellcheck and/or comment revision will be my best friend. 🙂

  3. Chris says:

    Be interesting to hear your thoughts on SAS. I got to go last year and it was pretty informative.