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By - May 21, 2007

My site was jammed by spammers most of today, I barely got two posts out. But it’s back, and we’ll be back to normal soon. I did have a very interesting talk today with Yusef Mehdi, who ran the aQuantive deal for Microsoft, and Brian McAndrews, the CEO of aQuantive. What struck me most was the commitment to have a solution that counters AdSense, but with a richer suite of services for both publishers and advertisers. Microsoft is really committed to this business, but they have work to do to productize and integrate this acquisition. More soon.

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3 thoughts on “Site News

  1. Gerald Buckley says:

    It comes across that they’re totally reacting and not making “the first move” and paying premium after premium. Must be that second (or third) mover advantage…

  2. Tim Peter says:

    Just a hunch, John, but I think what they’re really committed to is trying to hop back onto a train they missed. Big time.

  3. Bob says:

    Yusef used to head all of MSN Search before he was demoted so this deal may have been influenced by some agency costs (no pun intended).